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Quarter Horses

Our horses are all AQHA registered, and some are registered with IBHA and foundation registries as well. We like the old foundation lines of King, Two Eyed Jack, Poco Bueno, Leo and Hollywood Gold. We also like that beautiful grulla color and are planning our breeding program to include the color and foundation attributes in a good minded, all round using horse.


Cody's Copper Shilou
1997 Grulla Mare
E/E  n/Cr

Shiloh is a silver grulla mare that carries the cream gene. She is also a smaller, compact mare at 14.3 hands and has great dun factor, including dorsal stripe, withers stripe, neck shadowing, face masking, ear tipping and edging, mane and tail frosting, and leg bars all the way up her legs. Shiloh has a lovely neck, with a beautifullly feminine head - hard to find in the grulla mares I've seen! She is a great trail horse and gets along with everybody. Shiloh goes back to Hollywood Gold, King, Bert, Bill Cody and Brush Mount to name a few. She has had three foals - a grulla tobiano filly, a grullo colt, and a grulla filly .

                                                            Irene's Copper (dun)
                            Go Copper Glo (bksn dun)
                                            Robin Dunny Glo (dunalino)
Cody's Copper Shilou (gru)
                                            Bert's Cody Joe (dunalino)
                            Peggy Sue Cody (dun)
                                            Dawn's Black Queen (blk) 


Lil Doc N Blue
2002 Grulla Mare

Lily is a medium slate grulla. She's a smaller mare, just making 14.2 hands. She's got loads of dun factor, including wide dorsal stripe with barbs, transverse withers stripe, neck shadowing, face masking, ear tipping and legs bars up past her kness and hocks. Lily has a wonderful puupy dog personality and is calm in any situation. Her sire is a grulla that is homozygous black and dun. He has his ROM in dun factore. Her dam is a black, money winning cutting mare that is double bred Doc's Prescription. Lily has 10 crosses to Poco Bueno and more to King in her pedigree, plus a little Two Eyed Jack, Blackburn and Leo. 

                                                                  Poco Frosty Blue (gru)
                         Tupelo Gunsmoke (gru)
                                                   Tupelo Ruby Blue (gru)
Lil Doc N Blue (gru)
                                                    Simon Pure Too (brn)
                         Tbj Poco Lou (blk)
                                                    Louns Dandy Doll (brn)