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Past Friends

These are some of the members of our family that we have loved and lost. They have all been wonderful companions and we miss them dearly.

Alexa vom Rothmanhaus

Alexa; Actual size=240 pixels wide

 Ajax vom Donataul X Dietza vom Norden Stamm

You know how there is always one dog in your life that is THE one? Alexa was it for me. She stole my heart the moment she walked out of the crate at the airport as a puppy and will always have it. I lost her too soon to bone cancer at the age of 7 in 2001. She was my best friend and companion, and after 13 years, I still miss her with a deeply aching heart. To you, my Girlie, there will never be another like you.


Champagne Bubbles
1985 buttermilk Buckskin Mare

"Lacey" was s a granddaughter of Two-Eyed Jack.
I lost Lacey in February '09 to an acute, untreatable illness. I truly thought she'd be here with me for another 10 years, at least. We were together for 21 years, and had that special bond. I will always cherish our time together.

Lacey at 23 years

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Asia vom Gelfling

Alexa vom Rothmanhaus X Nighthawk's Kamikaze  
Oct '02 - Asia has gone to her new home on the Gulf coast. She and her new owner, Mike, are bonding very well and hope to compete in agility. We wish them both love and luck!
2007 - Asia passed. She and Mike successfully competed in agility. We know how much Mike will miss her. She was special!

A mother playing with children; Actual size=180 pixels wide


Bullet was our rescue Dobe, who loved, played and protected just as fiercely as the rest, even though he was crippled at a young age. He lived to be 12 years old, despite the physical handicaps he endured.

A man in a tux; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Aztec vom Gelfling

Alexa vom Rothmanhaus X Nighthawk's Kamikaze 


Gypsy was a tri colored (cou clair) doe that I rescued at 4 months old in the summer of 2003. Possibly Nigerian, when I first got her she showed myotonic tendencies and would fall over whenever scared, stressed or excited.
Passed from unknown cause in february 2012

Medium Fawn/White Huacaya
Born 10/2/04

Marguerite 7-10

Marguerite is the dam of Charlotte and Little Britches. PPeruvian Cahuide, PPeruvian Caligula and PPeruvian Emilio in her background, she brings some wonderful genetics to the farm! Passed in 2012 from unknown causes

Beige Huacaya


Boomerang is our gelding companion/fiber boy. He's got very soft, beige fleece. He's much taller than an average Alpaca, so he makes Vince look very small! He's got a mellow personality and is easy to work with. He and Vince get along very well. Boomer passed 10/13 at age 14

Attitude vom Gelfling


Tude was the daughter of my beloved Alexa that I kept. She was an excellent watchdog and companion at home.
Tude passed away in September 2008, 1 month shy of her 11 year birthday. She is missed, especially by Bret.

Mocha Blur

Gorgeous blue eyed, chocolate agouti doeling born on 2/8/09. She is by Windy and Curly. This little girl is VERY small, VERY cute!
Mocha Blur was my ultimate, perfect Pygmy girl and my favorite goat of all time. I lost her tragically in Jan 2010. I have such a huge hole in my heart from her loss.  With her loss, I've lost much of my desire to continue with my goats.

A mature couple; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Panda's White Rock Black Velvet

Our token Am Staff :-), Velvet was bred by Marilyn Brubaker-Thompson and was my husband's best buddy. We lost Velvet to cancer when she was 11.


Greenleaf's Domaras Britta

Our token GSD! <G> Britta was bred by Janie Morton. She was the first dog I bought in Florida and was my brother's best fishing buddy! She lived to be 12 years old before passing.


I rescued Bitty in October of 2000 from an animal shelter. She was my first Pygmy. She passed in June , 2008. She will be missed.


Myrtle was our first Pygmy born on the farm on 2/16/01. She passed in 4/11 to cancer.


Indy - daughter of Curly and Gidget. Born 8/12/09. Passed from acute onset anemia 5/11


Cameo - blue eyed daughter of Millie and Frankie born 3/18/10. Passed from acute onset anemai 5/11.

Powdered Sugar
White Huacaya
Born 10/21/08

Sugar 5-11

Sugar is the daughter of Mim. We lost Sugar to renal disease in fall of 2012.

Half Pint

Half Pint is a medium caramel agouti doe that came to live with me after her owners had to move in 2003. She was 7 months old at the time. She was raised in a backyard with kids and dogs and is one of the friendliest goats I have. She passed in 6/13


We do not support the breeding of white dobermans.