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Silverstone Alpacas

We have decided to venture into the world of Alpacas! These gentle creatures with wonderfully soft fleece caught our eye a couple of years ago, but we only decided to get into them recently, when I fell irreversibly in love with a young Huacaya male. There are two types of Alpacas - Huacaya (full, fluffy , teddy bear fleece) and Suris (long, silky, corded fleece). We are hooked on the huacayas now, especially the appaloosa pattern! 

Herdsires/Jr Herdsires

Shasta Springs Kodachrome
Harlequin Appaloosa Huacaya Alpaca
Born 6/15/08

Shasta 3rd FABA 2011

I was intrigued by appaloosa huacayas when Vince and I were at the shows. I started researching them and visited Dewey Meadows alpacas, and Lynn Gattari, to learn more. Lynn was first to introduce, show and conpete successfully with appaloosas in the US. They are considered only good for meat in their native countries. I visited her herd and was completely sold on them. I started looking for my starter alpacas.
I found Shasta and loved his coloring and big spots. We bought him sight unseen, and when he arrived I was absolutely bowled over. He is much more than I'd hoped! As a cria, he was shades of fawn, brown and black. As he's matured, his fleece has come in a silver gray - in some places with a bluish tint, with black spots and points. There are still some brown patches here and there, but I would say with his facial coloring, he's now a harlequin appaloosa (technically/phenotypically a classic dark silver gray). And I think he's gorgeous! His sire, Lucky Luciano, is a 4 time color champion, the son of The Last Don, and grandson of Hemingway. Great genetics for this boy!
Shasta has beautifully straight legs and correct conformation.
Shasta is ready to start his breeding career. We are introducing him at a reasonable price for his first season. We have bred him to Margeurite and Mim for spring 2012 crias. Add some color to your herd!
Update! Shasta took home a third place win at the 2011 FABA spinoff!! Judge's comments were very clean fleece and easy to spin.
Introductory stud fee: $400


HWA Desperado's Deliverance
Dark Fawn Huacaya
Born 1/10/08


Vince is our first Alpaca. He is a lovely dark fawn male with a dense, crimpy fleece that fairly glows with luminescence and covers him almost completely. He is a son of Brittany's Desperado, a true black full Chilean winner of multiple blue ribbons. Vince's dam, Nirvana's Martha Jean, or MJ, is a full Peruvian, white Dom Lucilio granddaughter who also has Pperuvian Vengador and 4Peruvian Starr Khan in her pedigree.
Vince and I entered our first show the spring '09 and obtained a third place ribbon. He was the youngest entered as a yearling, and we are proud he did well.

Silverstone's Little Britches
Multi Huacaya Alpaca
Born 5/11/12


This handsome boy arrived on 5/11/12, the son of Marguerite and Shasta. He is a medium brown and white huacaya. His fleece is crimpy and is consistent in both colors. He's got lovely conformation, with straight legs, a nice topline, and his Dad's look! He's very easy to handle, also like his Dad.


Limestone Ridge Chakita
Appaloosa Huacaya Alpaca
Born 9/2/09

Chakita 1st FABA 2011

When I called about Shasta, I found that his full sister was being offered in a package deal with him. I took one look at Chakita's picture and it was a done deal!
Chakita and Shasta have 6Peruvian Accoyo The Last Don, PPeruvian Hemingway and Pperuvian Andrajo on their sire's side, making them 3/8 Accoyo. Their dam is a full Chilean import.
Chakita is medium fawn with brown spots appaloosa huacaya, and has stayed that way so far in 2 shearings. However, she has some gray on her  feet, so I will not be surprised if she develops a rose gray coloring later. Even sheared, you can see her fleece is incredibly dense and goes right down to her toes, with a full face. She's a little small, but very compact, Like her brother, she's got straight legs and beautiful conformation. I adore her !
Update!!! Chakita took home a blue at the 2011 FABA spin off!! Judge's comments were nice handle and nice loft. 

Mocha Rain
Harlequin Appaloosa Huacaya Alpaca
Born 7/21/03

Mocha Rain

Our newest, long awaited girl arrived this Memorial Day weekend, 2011. I have wanted a Curly Calib daughter since visiting Dewey Meadows farms and now she's here! Mocha's fleece is a dark brown and true black blend, almost looking like a dark brindle coloring when you see it up close, and has no white on her. Her fleece is silky fine with such a soft handle! She is not only the daughter of Curly Calib, which brings Peruvian Platinum, PPeruvian Edmundo and PPeruvian Socorra into the mix, but she is also a grandaughter of PPeruvian Pisco Sour on her dam's side. For her first cria, she produced an appaloosa male. We can't wait for more appaloosa's from this girl!

Silverstone's Charlotte
Light Fawn/White Huacaya
Born 5/3/10

Charlotte 1 year

Charlotte, aka Charlie! She was 23 lbs. at birth and is a large, robust girl. She is a half sister to Shasta and Chakita, having the same sire - 4 time champion Lucky Luciano. And he is consistent in passing down his fleece traits! Charlotte's cria shearing at 2 months old produced 3" long fleece with lots of crimp and brightness. From her dam, Charlotte inherited her good size and the white collar and legs. With Hemingway, Caligula, Cahuide, Andrajo and The Last Don in her genes, this girl can only get better as she matures!
Charlie's fleece is sooo buttery soft and crimpy and is a dream to shear.

Madam Mim
Appaloosa Huacaya Alpaca
Born 4/24/06

Madame Mim 5-11

Mim is a white with medium fawn spots appaloosa huacaya. Mim is a grandaughter of PPeruvian Caligula on her sire's side. She is 1/2 Accoyo. She is a large female and has to have her nose in everything going on. Her fleece is dense, dense, dense! She has been rebred this spring to Shasta.
Mim had a fawn/black female cria on 3/26/13. She's friendly and curious, and very colorful! Will probably change to a dark silver gray/harlequin as she gets older, like her Dad.

Mim's female cria

Valentine's Surprise
Multi Huacaya Alpaca
Born 2/13/10

Val 5-11

Val is the niece of Mim. She is predominantly white, with true black and medium brown markings on her face, and true black on all four feet, plus a couple of spots in her blanket. She is an absolute ham for attention, will give kisses freely, and gets so excited when food is on the way! Her fleece is bright, crimpy and dense.  I will be showing her and her fleece this coming winter/spring. She and Charlie have hit it off and love to pronk together.

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