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Pygmy Goats

We have several Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats and a few  Pygmy/Dwarf crosses. None of our goats are registered and we don't show, but they are small, friendly and make excellent pets or horse companions. They are also great brush eaters and will keep you property looking trim!



Gidget was born 1/23/06 as one of a set of triplets to Millie and Cupid. She is a chocolate caramel and is a very petite little girl. She loves to be scratched, just like her mother. One of two daughters of Cupid that I kept, and since his passing they've become extra special.


Windy is a petite, rare chocolate agouti with white patches. She was born on 11/21/06, one of the coldest, windiest nights of the year (not too many of those in Florida!), and she and her sister had to wear sweaters the first couple days of their lives (see side). She is the daughter of Half Pint and Cupid.  One of two daughters of Cupid I kept.
Bred to Pepe due 3/14


Sassy is a Pygmy/Dwarf mix girl. She was born 8/5/09 and is black with white patches and blue eyes. She is the daughter of Half Pint and Curly. Sassy is an explorer and the first to jump into your lap.


Twiggy is the daughter of Myrtle and Crackerjack - his first kid! She inherited his moonspots! She is black and right now her spots are chocolate, but they should lighten up as she gets older. She was born 6/19/10 and is very bold and inquisitive!


DeeDee is a lovely Nigerian born 8/11. She is white with black legs and a few spots of black and agouti on her. She is a shy girl, but a sweetie.
Bred to Pepe due 4/14


Autumn is a lovely little caramel girl with blue eyes. She is a Pygmy/Nigerian cross born in 9/11. She arrived here with her half sister in november'11. I love her cute little undershot jaw!  


Piper was born 9/4/11. She is a Pygmy and Autumn's half sister. She has the chocolate/white coloring I really love, plus I can see some agouti coloring as well. She has that stubby, round Pygmy stature. So cute and funny to watch her run and play!!

Cocoa Bean 5-12

Cocoa Bean is our newest addition. She is a super tiny, shaggy chocolate Pygmy. She was born around Oct of 2011, but just hasn't grown much. No matter! She's my favorite color and way too cute!


CJ is a small, chocolate and tan daughter of Clover and Curly born 2/10/13. She's a Pygmy/Dwarf mix. Her coloring reminds me of a red Doberman, so she fits right in here! She is a great granddaughter of Cupid, as well.


Pepe Duprey

Pepe Duprey was born by C-section on 5/11/11. He is the son of Twiggy and Curly. He's a glossy black with one brown moonspot on his right side, and has blue eyes. He was a hit when we went to Petapalooza last fall, walking on a leash and getting his picture taken with all the children. Hopefully he'll pass on that tiny size, personality and moonspots to his kids!

Reference sire

Cupid was my senior herd sire. He was my Valentine's gift from my husband in 2001. (So romantic!) He is a chocolate Pygmy buck with just the greatest personality! I may be biased because I've had him since he was a little over 3 weeks old, but he's the one that started me loving this breed.
Cupid passed away the end of 2008. I miss him more than I can say. I'm so glad to have shared my life with him and see him daily in his daughters and granddaughters.

Reference sire

Frankie is a tricolored, blue eyed Nigerian. Tragically, I lost Frankie in Jan '2010. He lives on in his sons and daughters, and they will pass on his legacy of blue eyes and terrific personality.


Rowdy was born 2/11/06. He is the son of Half Pint and Cricket. He's small and has  a very outgoing, macho personality. He's a white caramel with dewlaps like his Mom. We lost Rowdy in the fall of 2010. Sadly, we had planned on breedings that fall, and have no offspring of his now.

Reference sire

Jack is our newest addition. He's a Nigerian Dwarf born 5/18/09. He's a beautiful gold color with chocolate moonspots. He's also very laid back and friendly. I'm looking forward to breeding him and see what cool colors we get, not to mention the moonspots!
We lost Jack 3/11 to a chronic illness.


Curly has become the senior buck. He was born 3/08. He's a son of Frankie and Mille. He's blue eyed and a combination of black, white and agouti coloring. He's much smaller than his sire, and passes that size and great personality down! Curly passed 8/13 from barber pole parasite infection

Reference sire

Cricket was my junior sire. He was born in April of 2005 and his first offspring hit the ground this spring. He is of smaller stature than Cupid and passes his siza, color and markings down frequently. He has gone to live in Clermont.

Little boy

Little boy has gone to live in Clermont. He is the son of Gypsy and Curly and he is a tri colored wether that is almost an exact image of his Mom. He's easily got the most laid back personality of any boy that has been born here.

Reference sire

Billy is a small, white caramel buck. I had him for a year before he went to live with a friend of mine to become her herd sire. I kept one of his daughters, Millie, for my own herd. 

Icy and Windy