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I am no longer vending at shows and am selling off my inventory.
Fine vintage porcelain dog figurines from Japan, Lefton, Norcrest, Enesco and Nanco to name a few.

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Item #228 Lefton Wirehaired Fox Terrier


Cute tricolored WHFT puppy scratching at his ear. Stands 4" tall by 3 1/2" tall. Has the red/gold foil Lefton label on the bottom. Done in a satin finish. Excellent condition.
Price $18.00

Item #201 Lefton Pekingese


Lovely Peke done in shades of orange to cream.  Done in matte finish.  5" tall by 5 1/2" long. Has red/gold Lefton Japan label and H7326 on stomach. Excellent condition.
Price: $18.00

Item #202 German Shepherd dog figurine


Nice matte figurine of a black/tan sitting German Shepherd dog. Stands approx. 5" tall. . Excellent condition.
Price: $12.50 

Item #206 Chihuahua


Handsome little tan Chihuahua with soulful eyes!. Glossy finish with crazing thru porcelain. Stamped Japan on foot. Approx. 4" tall X 4"long.. Excellent condition.
Price: $15.00

Item #227 Cocker Spaniel figurine


Lovely matte finish red parti Cocker Spaniel sitting up begging for a treat!. Has H6565 stamped on bottom. Approx. 4 1/2" tall.  Excellent condition.
Price: $15.00

Item #225 Collie pups figurine


Hard to find porcelain figurine of a pair of sable rough coat Collie puppies. Glossy finish. Has red/gold Japan sticker on bottom as well as 1555 stamped in blue.  Approx 4" tall X 5" long. Excellent condition.
Price: $20.00

Item #224 Husky figurine


This is a lovely porcelain ceramic husky figurine in that hard to find red/white coloring. This sitting figurine measures 3 1/2" tall  and is done in a glossy finish. Very good condition.
Price: $15.00

Item #229 Bulldog figurine


Ceramic fawn/white Bulldog figurine done in a chalk finish. Excellent condition with extremely realistic coloring and detail. Stands 4" tall and 5"long.
Price: $15.00

Item #222 German Shorthaired Pointer


This is lovely large porcelain figurine of a German Shorthaired Pointer. Stands approx. 5" tall and 6 " long. In very good condition.
Price: $15.00

Item #223 Poodle figurine


Beautiful white porcelain Poodle by Norcrest sits so pretty!  Finished in a bright gloss. Stands approx 4" tall. Excellent condition.
Price: $15.00

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