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Prices reduced! I am no longer vending at shows and am selling off my inventory.
This page has a large picture content, so please be patient while they load.

Here are some new, handpainted ceramic items made by our artist Youlia Anderson. The mugs hold 12 - 16 oz. and the dogs are in various poses and colors all around  them. Normally $18, now $10



Item #YA301 Rottweiler mug

Features 2 Rotties trotting and looking alert around this mug.
Price: $10.00


Item # YA304 Poodle mug

This one features show cut Poodles. Two mugs available. One with a white and silver, one with a white and a black.
2 Available
Price: $10.00


Item #YA306 Great Dane


Features two harlequin Great Danes loping and trotting around this mug. Has sky and lawn background.
Price: $10.00

Item #YA307 American Staffordshire Terrier


Two alert Am Staffs/Pit Bulls, one fawn and white and one brindle/white, stand on either side of this mug.
Price: $10.00

Item #YA314 Newfoundland mug


A black Newfoundland trots on one side of this mug, while a Landseer sits on the other.
Price: $10.00

Item #YA313 Labrador Retriever


A pair of black Labs are the focus on either side of this mug.
Price: $10.00

Item #YA310 Basset Hound mug


Basset hounds are featured on this mug. Two mugs available with tris on one side, and lemon/whites on the other.
2 Available
Price: $10.00 ea

Item #YA312 Samoyed


A couple of  frisky Samy's romp around this mug.
Price: $10.00

Item #YA315 Pointer mug


Two black/white Pointers, one in a trot, adorn this mug.
Price: $10.00

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